We Have A Theme!

The mutha krewe theme this year is Krewe Du Vieux’s Magical Misery Tour.

Subkrewe Theme: We have an idea of the subkrewe theme, as outlined in the current email storm, so are still open to suggestions.

Royalty: There is a captains’ meeting on October 4th at which royalty will be decided. Top nominees are Sylvester Francis (guardian of the flame), John Boutte (heart and soul of post-Katrina New Orleans) and Deacon John (entertainer, crusader for our musicians and president of the musicians’ union). Please send any suggestions you might have – and why you thing the person would be a good king or queen – so that Marilyn can carry them to the meeting.

Ball Venue: 2121 Chartres (corner of Chartres and Elysian Fields). It is a 6000 sq. ft. warehouse, offered to the Krewe for $1. The Krewe will have to rent port-o-lets, portable heaters, tables and chairs, and do some floor work on the facility. We will contract out with a charitable group to supply booze and food for the ball.

Tentative Marching Route: Den to Franklin Ave., to Royal, down Royal to Conti, then left to Decatur to Esplanade or Elysian Fields. There will be no parading on Frenchman St. this year. The Frenchman St. Business Assn. would not agree to restrict parking for our parade night, so phooey on them!

Brew Doo Fundraiser: December 8, 6-10 p.m., at the Den. This will be a private party, members only this year, $10 admission, all the beer you can drink. Music is TBA.

CRAPS Fundraising: The Zulu poster raffle initiated at this meeting as a CRAPS fundraiser will be continued to the next meeting in October ($10 per ticket). This is a 1994 poster of The Ambassador, and probably much more valuable than pre-K. Another Zulu poster, also from 1994, The Big Shot, will be offered later for raffle. Both posters (and other Zulu characters) can be purchased outright for $80, with the owner of the poster company and the krewe splitting the proceeds. Contact Marilyn if interested.

Next Meeting: We will be meeting again at 12:00 noon, Saturday October 6th at MRB.

Dues: $125 / $175 – by November 1. If you need to spread out payments, give Toni a deposit and pay the rest by December 1st.


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