CRAPS Has A Theme (And Costumes)!

While the Mother Krewe theme is Magical Misery Tour and other subkrewes dig into Beatles-related themes, C.R.A.P.S. wishes to get with the times. This year C.R.A.P.S. Mutinies (Where’s Da Booty?). This keeps with the magical and misery portions of the program – magical pirates and miserably missing money promised us by the federal government on down. We will be pirates, deckhands, wenches and whatever suits your fancy.

Float: William Jordan is ably assisting the Float Committee with construction of armature, more barrels, a treasure chest. There will be a mast, sail, cannons, and C. Ray will be walking the plank. Bruno expressed great confidence at the last meeting that the float will be finished way ahead of our parade date.

Costumes: We have a couple of cute and ready-made options for the women, but the men’s costumes will be handmade. PLEASE HAVE YOUR COSTUME CHOICE INTO DERICK NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 11/23! You can reach Derick at bugsye [at] gmail [dot] com. As of this post, a dozen CRAPpers are yet to respond.

KduV Paraphernalia: We will be taking orders for KdV products until December 2nd. Please contact Marilyn to place your orders.


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