We Have A Theme For 2010!

“Walk On Burning Sphincters” (after King Dr. John’s I Walk On Guilded Splinters) is the Krewe de CRAPS theme for 2010 and we already have costume and float ideas a’flowin’.



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Calendar & Announcements

Weather Report as of Tuesday Jan 3rd:
Partly Cloudy/Fog – High 71 / Low 51

(20% Rain chance on Sunday which we’ll keep an
eye on since things could shift a day in either direction )

CRAPS Cocktail Party – Friday February 6th

Where: Tom’s House
Time: 6-9 PM
Hosts Tom and Hilde graciously let us invade their wonderful home for nice warm up gathering to the parade. This party is BYOB.

Krewe Cups/Nickels
Toni will be bringing your krewe cups and Nickels to the Cocktail Party. These are usually given with the costume packages but the merchandise was not available in time. If you do not get these at the cocktail party, you’ll have to run me down some other time, or possibly even after Mardi Gras – horrors!!

Ball Tickets
If you have not invited your friends to join us for the best $25.00 party in town, then shame on you. The last information received was that tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Tell your friends to pick them up at one of the following locations ASAP:

The Studio at Colton Gift Shop, 2300 St. Claude Ave. 504-822-8281
Gift Shop Hours: Thu-Sun, Noon – 6 PM.
The rest of the Studio at Colton is open every day Noon – 6 PM (except Monday)

The Louisiana Music Factory, 210 Decatur St. 504-586-1094
Store Hours: Mon-Sat, 10 AM – 7 PM and Sunday, Noon – 6 PM

Up in Smoke, 4507 Magazine St., 504-899-0005
Store Hours: Mon-Sun, 11 AM – 7 PM

Miss Claudia’s Vintage Clothing & Costumes, 4204 Magazine St. 504-897-6310
Store Hours: Mon-Sat, 11 AM – 6 PM

Petcetera, 3205 Magazine St. 504-269-8711
Store Hours: Tue-Sat, 10 AM – 6 PM and Sunday, Noon – 6 PM (closed Monday)

La Farmacia in the Den of Muses, 2716 Royal St.
(enter in the back on Architect St. between Port and St. Ferdinand)
Store Hours: Sat-Sun, Noon – 4 PM and Thursday 7 – 9 PM


February 7th –
Pre-Parade Party at 3:00 pm
1001 Esplanade Ave

Food will be provided by our Preparade Committee – who always do a great job and food is fantastic !!!

Music by our parade band The Paulin Brothers at 4:00 pm

** Bring some old money you have laying around to tip the band at the party!!

We will Second line to the Colton Academy around 5:00 so that the band can check in at 5:30. This is where you warm up your hips for dancing in the streets. If you have friends who want a Photo Op of our second line, our route will be:
Leave out of Buffa’s and head out 1 block against traffic on Burgundy,
right on Kerleric, left on Dauphine – cross Elysian Fields and then left on Mandeville street. You’ll be at yet another party before you know it.

NOTE: Get your wristband from me at Buffa’s before we head out. I will do my best to get there early and start getting them out to you all as soon as possible….

We should get to the Studio at Colton about 5:15-5:20ish. We will have about 45 minutes to check out surroundings, find bathrooms, find krewe table. We will have a table set up as always for our krewe to gather. At this particular site we will have more than enough room to move around, forget last year altogether!!!

Our Super-Cute-Parade-Captain will call for krewes to hit the street behind the float around 6-6:15 pm with the parade starting at 6:30. Floats will be lined up on St. Claude and around the corner on Franklin Avenue…I promise you wont be able to miss them.


Absolutely Positively NO SMOKING inside the building. This will be strictly enforced. There is a nice big area and tent out back where the floats will be stored for all for all of your smoking pleasures….

No Parking on Rampart Street behind Colton or on the Parade Route.

No Smoking inside Colton (did I say that already?)

Stay on First Floor of The Colton Site. Consider this private property and respect our gracious hosts.

No smoking inside Colton … seriously.

The back of Colton where we will enter before and after the parade will have signs designating Public/Krewe areas – General public entrance is on St. Claude. KDV members and brass bands enter in back on Rampart.

Besides the fabulous jello shots and munchies/sandwiches/drinks that will be found at our krewe table, there will be 2 bars located in the Public areas with Food– Burgers and FF,
Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice with option of Sausage to be added for meat lovers,
Shrimp Pasta, Black Bean Burritos for $5.00 (all proceeds from Burritos will be donated to the Studio at Colton School to refurbish their kitchen.)

Krewe area will have one bar. Abita and Miller Lite kegs and soft drinks will be available to krewe members. No alcohol will be served to any krewe member under the age of 21…no matter how cute they are !!

There will be a photographer set up to take your Party pics just like Prom Nite! I cant’ wait to see that, should be interesting to say the least…..

Main Band – Eric Lindel

Late Night Band – Zydepunks

Website for the Studio at Colton:

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Next Meeting & Costume Pickup Party: Saturday January 24th, 2009
Hosted by the charming Michael & Louise – time TBA

Costume / Hankie Workshop – Saturday January 31st
Studio at Colton, Room 204 – Noon

CRAPS Cocktail Party – Friday February 6th
Hosted by the handsome Tom M. – 6-9PM. Check your email for location and other details.

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Meeting Saturday, December 13th (and Hankies Reminder)

This Saturday, December 13th
Buffa’s Lounge – 1001 Esplanade Ave
High Rollin NOON

We’ll have updates from the last Mother Krewe Meeting and
ideas from the costume and float committees.


We have heard from only 6 of you so far with orders for the second line hankies.
If you are not interested in these there is no problem. But if you are not inclined to do them, please let us know one way or the other so we can get moving on a order for those who do.

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KdCRAPS Meeting Notes – Nov 8th & 22nd

Combined Meeting Notes – November 8th & 22nd


Krewe Video 2007 available on CD. The Krewe was given a couple of copies. The CD was free to us, and will be free to you. I will ask for a mere $1.00 to help cover the cost of the CD. If you would like a copy, please let me know as soon as you can. I would like to make as many copies as I can all at the same time.

Susan and Phillip have been found. Yippee !!! They have signed up again to put the beer on the float. At least one disaster avoided ! It is a job that is very much appreciated by the rest of us. They do the heavy task of buying the beverages, delivering it to the float, and icing down the goods. We just show up and drink it.

More good news: Terry who flies across the pond from the UK will join us again this year. He missed last year, but we are happy to have him back.


Monde Du Merde – The mother krewe is saving a large sum of money going to tabloid style. Rather than the heavier paper stock like we have been using. It will be printed in the same format as “The Levee.”
Money savings will allow a slightly larger publication with the addition of color as well as a higher quantity for distribution. Some talk of cartoons, art, etc to be added with the extra space.


Saturday DEC 6th will be at the Den.
Hours 6-10pm
$10 at the door – Music to be announced.

Costumes are encouraged and Krewes are encouraged to brew beer. Sadly CRAPS will not be brewing this year, but we will be once again selling tooters shooters for $1.00. Pam has volunteered to work the Brew Doo and there is room for another volunteer there. We can sell anything we want within reason. If anyone has any suggestions for the fundraiser, please let me know.

There is no budget for the Brew Doo, so any donations of liquor/libations would be greatly appreciated. I will be donating a bottle booze to the cause myself…mainly because I intend to help drink it !!! Maitri will be one of the money collectors at the door for the Brew Doo – a job she does well J


Regular Members: $185.00
Committee Members $135.00

We will allow for installments of half each, but the CRAPS
deadline for dues will be Jan 5th. No exceptions, our timeline is too tight.

If you have a special situation, please contact me well before then. I will be happy to work with you, but pleae contact me early.

On the 6th of January, new member/waiting list will be opened. Any potential new member should have time to gather funds for themselves.


As of this writing there are still committee spots open. I have a few inquires, so if you’d like a committee please contact me as soon as you can.

Signature Throw/Secondline Hankies:
I brought a few sample Secondline hankies to the meeting. I’ve attached a few pics at the end of these notes.

For this year, the mother krewe will provide 5 hankies for each member. If you will want more than that you will need to let Jennifer or Christine know your quantities by DEC 13th (incidentally our next meeting date).

Price for hankies $0.75 each (payable asap as we must prepay for them)

The decorating supplies I used cost around $10-15 and will decorate at least 50 hankies…likely more. Once we get these ordered we can talk more about getting together for decorating parties and sharing supplies. I will be happy to share the bulk of sequins and beads that have already been purchased.

Jennifer and Christine are working on getting us a craps stamp to make the hankies unified. However the rest of the creativity is up to you….. J

Krewe Theme !!!!!

2009 Theme selected at Saturday’s meeting

Feeding Frenzy on the Bankrupt-Sea

Costumes: Circling sharks, half eaten sailors (or bankers, etc) There was also talk of an Uncle Sam on the float throwing out the bail out “chum”.

Float: A reincarnation of our great ship, painting a different color and adding some pieces parts to fit the theme. The ship to be named S.O.S (with strike thru S.O.L) Economy, or Econo-me, or E-con-of-me. Can’t remember all the others I heard. There was also mention of an uncle Sam character to throw the bailout “chum”

Dawn requested some kind of shelf to be built for those jello shots we all love !!

The Costume and Float committees will have further details/protoypes to share at the next meeting…. ( Right guys?? )

Other Krewe Themes (so far)

Krewe of Spermes Salutes Trickle Down Economics
Krewe of Comatose Extends the Guard
Krewe of Space Age Love
Krewe of Lewd – Inaugural Balls
Seeds of Decline – Fannie Mae Goes Down
Krewe of Bourbon Gives Good Vibrations
Krewe of Mishigas – Foreskins & Foreclosures
Drips and Discharges – Cock Market & Investment Spankers
Mama Roux – Invests in Stocks and Bondage


BUFFA’S – 1001 Esplanade Avenue

Bring all of your smiling faces…..

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Finalized 2008 Parade Route; Parade Info

PARADE: Start and stop @ Warehouse on Elysian Fields. Specifically: Start at Elysian Fields at Chartres, turn right onto Chartres, turn left onto Franklin Ave., turn left on Royal, cross Elysian Fields, go a few blocks and cross Esplanade (entering the Quarter), down to Conti and turn left, left onto Decatur, left onto Frenchman, right onto Royal, right onto Elysian Fields, stop at Chartres.

The Parade will roll 1/2 hour earlier this year, at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 19. We have the Paulin Brothers back as our band!!! We look forward to seeing them at our pre-parade party and leading our second line to the den.

COSTUME PICK-UP PARTY: Will be, once again (what a swell couple!) at the fine, soon to be repainted, home of Louise and Michael Pemberton, Jan. 5 at 1pm. Louise has enough volunteers; bring your own beer. Check your email for the address.

COCKTAIL PARTY: Will be once again (wow they’re nice folks!) at the home of Tom Morgan and Hild Creed. Time to be announced. Tom has his usual krewe of volunteers. More info as the time approaches.

PRE-PARADE PARTY: Will be at Buffa’s (on Esplanade at Burgundy), starting at 3p.m. Sally has the food together for that.

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CRAPS Has A Theme (And Costumes)!

While the Mother Krewe theme is Magical Misery Tour and other subkrewes dig into Beatles-related themes, C.R.A.P.S. wishes to get with the times. This year C.R.A.P.S. Mutinies (Where’s Da Booty?). This keeps with the magical and misery portions of the program – magical pirates and miserably missing money promised us by the federal government on down. We will be pirates, deckhands, wenches and whatever suits your fancy.

Float: William Jordan is ably assisting the Float Committee with construction of armature, more barrels, a treasure chest. There will be a mast, sail, cannons, and C. Ray will be walking the plank. Bruno expressed great confidence at the last meeting that the float will be finished way ahead of our parade date.

Costumes: We have a couple of cute and ready-made options for the women, but the men’s costumes will be handmade. PLEASE HAVE YOUR COSTUME CHOICE INTO DERICK NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 11/23! You can reach Derick at bugsye [at] gmail [dot] com. As of this post, a dozen CRAPpers are yet to respond.

KduV Paraphernalia: We will be taking orders for KdV products until December 2nd. Please contact Marilyn to place your orders.

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